Is corned beef and cabbage Irish or American?


Spoiler alert: I have good evidence weighing in on both sides, and I’ll quote those sources. But while my “test” corned beef is spending it’s 22d hour in a low oven, I thought I’d present the arguments in this case. First off, I’m of Irish descent: Sinnott (County Wexford), Cousins (County Leitrim) and Waters of […]

Let the good times roll…

The guys from Bayside Bowl had a mean King Cake and took away first place!

  Fat Tuesday has come and gone, and lent is under way, but the memories of the food served at the annual fundraiser for WMPG radio will linger through the season of doing with less. For most of us, these days are symbolic rather than literal, but it’s fun to observe the last feast day […]

Fat Tuesday in Portland: Eat Cajun and Creole food at USM

Team Congress Bar and Grill, winner of last year's competition

  Fat Tuesday: Cook jambalaya, or let Portland chefs cook for me?           On this church-quiet morning, thermometer reading negative eight degrees, I sit in my big red leather reading chair, pen in hand, coffee close by, wrapped in my favorite blue shawl and gaze out the huge slider windows at the bare trees. Not […]

Get thee to a brewery, in Bangor

Breweries are opening so frequently, I’m dizzy just trying to keep up with the new ones, never mind catching up with the brewers who have been around awhile. Two weeks ago I was a special guest on a Maine Brew Bus tour of four new places in Biddeford and Portland, two of which were waiting […]

Drink Maine beer in Rome, Italy? Multo bene!

Shipyard Brewing Company of Portland, Maine has begun distributing several of its beers in Italy, and the natives couldn’t be happier. I had the chance to not only visit some of the places serving one of Maine’s earliest-made beers, but I was escorted around Rome by their distributor’s rep, Sandro Maione. I happen to be […]

Forget wine: cook with artisanal beer

I am in Verona, Italy for the month. My husband teaches Italian Lit here each January for Colby College in Waterville, Maine. Out of the eight years he’s done this program, I’ve only been here twice. I’m usually like all of you back in Vacationland, watching and naming each snowflake, as they pile up on […]

Cheers for Gifts of Beer

I wanted to write my first BDN blog post days ago, but like everyone else who celebrates December holidays, and here it’s Christmas, I have been “as busy as a one-armed paper-hanger,” as my dear old Mum used to say. My husband and I hosted our blended family of 6 grown children here, and hands […]