What’s brewing? Over 4100 craft breweries and counting!

If you don’t know about the Brewers Association (BA), get thee to their website as soon as you’re finished reading this post, because it’s a one-stop craft beer resource you won’t want to be without. (www.brewersassociation.org). They just announced this new stat: The Year In Beer: U.S. Brewery Count Reaches All-Time High of 4,144 Back […]

Brewing up a storm…after a million years

Once upon a time…wait, it wasn’t THAT long ago, was it? Sigh, I’m afraid it’s been 17 years since I last brewed my own beer. What happened? Okay, I’ll bullet it: 1. divorce (if there’s anything that can get in the way of a creative pursuit, it’s D-I-V-O-R-C-E; 2. raised 3 teenagers: This was the […]

Hold the presses! Press Hotel’s splashy debut

For any “reincarnation” of a building to be successful (to me, myself and I), it should incorporate the history of its past. The Press Hotel, inhabiting the old Portland Press Herald building at 119 Exchange Street in Portland, earns a resounding “huzzah!” I went there today to attend a book launch party for a mystery […]