Coming back to Maine: Adult kids in the house!

I never entertained the thought, during the seemingly never-ending decades of band and ballet car pools, soccer games and holiday concerts, orthodontist and doctor appointments, that my three kids would leave the roost, never mind the state.  But like all things I thought were permanent, I found that hanging onto the past, including your now-adult kids’ childhoods, isn’t productive. That doesn’t mean I like this particular type of impermanence. It means I’m trying to accept that I am an empty-nester and all three of my kids are now living and working out of Maine. This week, however, for four precious days, I have all of them home at the same time.


Christmas is one of the times my kids make it home...except that my "baby" has been in other places the past 2 years!

Christmas is one of the times my kids make it home…except that my “baby” has been in other places the past 2 years!

Our gathering has nothing spectacular about it: no one has one an Olympic medal, starred in a movie or won the lottery. But having my kiddos home with me is the happiest  time for me.  I try to freeze each moment, stay present and cling to the seconds with all my might and hope they tick by much more slowly than they normally do. So far, we are on day 3 and Sam, Burke and Meg are at the grocery story shopping for the makings of supper.

Proud mom moment, USM grad Burke Hazard, my son

Proud mom moment, USM grad Burke Hazard, my son, coaching his Lasell College soccer team

There will be burgers and the fixin’s, more beer, corn on the cob and I overheard the girls conspiring to make brownie sundaes for dessert. And of course, we’ll continue our ongoing game of Cranium while watching the Red Sox game. If she can find it, Meg has promised a viewing of Jaws. 40th anniversary, don’t you know.

Gneiss goes with seafood and what better time of year than July is there to pair it with lobstah!

We’ve already had a lobster feed. Thanks to Gneiss Brewing for the photo (see my blog post about Gneiss)

Why did my kids decide to leave Maine? I hope it’s not me. Kidding. I think. College lured one away and she’s never come back to live. But Charleston, SC is a gorgeous place to visit and this coming winter my husband and I will try getting out of Maine for six weeks and live down there.

The lovely palmetto tree against blue sky. Oh, no snow.

The lovely palmetto tree against blue sky. Oh, no snow. This was taken in February, 2015…look at that sky!

My baby Meg just turned 25 and so far she’s lived in China for a year, Aspen for 6 months, Las Vegas for four months and she just came back from a month-long trip to Europe. Rich? No, she saves her money and travels cheaply: Airbnb’s and Eurail Pass got her to Amsterdam, Brussels, Venice, Rome, Paris, Spain (Pamplona for the running of the bulls) and Switzerland, where she got engaged with the Alps as a backdrop. She comes back to work for periods of time, so she’s not gone for good. Maybe.

At any rate, we’re having a blast being together. Having adult kids is so much fun…and they help with the cooking and cleanup!







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