Drink up, says a new study: you’ll remember more.

Well, here we are, March 9th and daylight savings time has given us some more daylight and I got to take a walk today without five layers and something across my face. We did it! We made it through just about the most horrific winter I can remember. Oh, I know….it ain’t over  til it’s over. I just know that we can now see the dirt under the ice and snow on our driveway. How about that for gloating? And about that thing of remembering? Read on!

Medusa in a Glass, the best place for a woman who has snakes for hair

Medusa in a Glass, the best place for a woman who has snakes for hair

What I really came here to gloat about is an article I read this morning in Prevention Magazine, a periodical I have read for many years. Wouldn’t you know that the magazine that promotes veggies in the hues of  greens, yellows, reds along with  organic meats reports on a study conducted by the University of Texas that shows, drum roll, people over 60 “who sipped between 1 and 14 drinks per week scored up to 15% higher on memory tests.”

The stove that taunts me with its sinister fizzure

The stove that taunts me with its sinister fizzure…how many days did we do without a working stove? 23. I remember….

Finally! My husband and siblings claim I make stuff up, but I have a memory like a steel trap. And this study validates that. Well, I have to back-track a bit: I’ve had a steel-trap memory since I was a pretty young kid, way before I began sipping beer at Colby College frat parties.

The author of the study, Brian Downer (not a downer for beer drinkers!), said about that 15% higher score, “That’s the difference between remembering you had a 30th birthday party and remembering  the name of the restaurant where it was held.”(Prevention, February, 2015, p.13). Downer works at the University of Texas Medical Branch’s Sealy Center on Aging. Apparently, alcohol “may activate proteins in the brain that preserve the hippocampus, which digs up details of days (and parties) past.” (Prevention, February, 2015, p. 13).

Hail fiction! Hail Bull Feeney's

Hail fiction! Hail Bull Feeney’s

Obviously, if you have a heart condition, addiction issues, are underage, don’t try this at home, please? And don’t drive if you’ve imbibed. I’ll put my inner Mom to bed now. This just tickled me pink today and I wanted to share.

Now, where did I put my car keys?

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