Cheers for Gifts of Beer

I wanted to write my first BDN blog post days ago, but like everyone else who celebrates December holidays, and here it’s Christmas, I have been “as busy as a one-armed paper-hanger,” as my dear old Mum used to say. My husband and I hosted our blended family of 6 grown children here, and hands down, the most popular gifts were those of our beautiful local Maine beers.

There was a small representation of the many microbrews, but we had to show some restraint. Among the prized presents: Allagash Tripel Reserve Belgian Style Ale, Gritty McDuff’s Pub Style Ale, Freeport Beer Company’s Zoe and Mean Old Tom.

And the best value for great beer was the gift box put out by Oak Pond Brewery in Skowhegan. You have to go over the river (literally) and through the woods (also literally) to get to this little operation, but the $14 for a 4-pack of 22 oz lovely beers makes the trip worthwhile. Adam, the owner/brewer, also throws in some coasters to sweeten the deal.

Yesterday I signed the contract for my new beer book, as yet untitled, which will essentially be an update of my 1997 book “What’s Brewing in New England.” For the next 9 months, I’ll be traveling around Maine and New England to take photos and talk to the passionate people who make this magical brew. Join me if you can. I’d love to meet readers and beer lovers wherever I can find them.

Kate Cone

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Kate Cone has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, is a freelance writer and the author of "What's Brewing in New England: A Guide to Brewpubs and Microbreweries," published by Downeast Publications in 1997 and completely updated in 2016. She has been a foodie since age 8, when her dad taught her how to make coffee and an omelet, lifelong skills for happy eating.