Maine Beer Company, Freeport Maine: My Photo Shoot

When it rains it pours, it is said. And it’s a good thing that good things shower down on you right as you are also readying the house and planning the food  for hosting 14 people for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners. It’s all good, I find myself saying, my affirmation to effect sanity.

So in the middle of shopping for Christmas gifts, which I love to do, I got an offer to host a blog on a Maine newspaper’s website. I jumped at the chance. This typepad blog will be linked to it: What’s Brewing in Maine on the Bangor Daily News website (

I’m not that great with managing or editing photos online. My soon to be blog boss offered to send down one of their photographers to take the head shot and header pics. I jumped at that chance. I had had a great experience at Maine Beer Company recently, having stopped by there to check it out for my new beer book.

Jeremie Buck, who serves their delicious beers in the tasting room paved the way for me to have the shoot right there. It’s a cozy space decorated in a modern style with pendant lights hanging over each of four tables lining the back wall of the room. Huge windows look down to the brewery, sparkling clean with vats and other equipment busy producing Mean Old Tom, Zoe, Peeper and several other beers.

Troy Bennett had me pose, leaning onto the bar and looking back at him, with of course a glass of beer in my hand. There were lights with filters, the whole shebang.

“Can you choose a photo where I don’t have a double chin?” I asked.

“The way I lit you, if you had a double chin, you wouldn’t see it.”

Ah, a genius! So the new blog will be up soon. “What’s Brewing in Maine” will be about Maine beer, wine, spirits, coffee, food and travel. I’ll be reporting on my journey writing the second edition to my 1997 book “What’s Brewing in New England,” and having a lot more fun meeting people passionate about what they do.

Kate Cone at the Maine Beer Company

Kate Cone at the Maine Beer Company. BDN | Troy Bennett

Kate Cone

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Kate Cone has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, is a freelance writer and the author of "What's Brewing in New England: A Guide to Brewpubs and Microbreweries," published by Downeast Publications in 1997. She is currently updating What's Brewing with a second book about New England craft beer to be published in 2015.