Give me Liberty, or give me Liberty Craft Brewing

Getting ready for the Grand Opening

Okay, I’m not good with puns. But I couldn’t resist in this instance. Maine’s newest little brewery will celebrate its grand opening on October 18, 2014. Guy Hews just doesn’t have enough to do. Not only does he work full-time inspecting bridges as an engineer for the state of Maine, he recently turned a long-time […]

Get cooking: without a stove?

This will be the first dish I make when I get the new one! Osso Buco & Happy Birthday to me

It’s October 1st and I’ve been without a stove for exactly two weeks. How have I been getting along? Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. Does that convey my frustration well enough? Frankly, though, because I’ve been working with “go with the flow” for so long, not always successfully, mind you, I’m going to be okay. Even though we will […]

Interview! Interview! Beer book gets traction

Allagash Brewing Company logo

Interviews, visits and more interviews were on my agenda this past week, and the beer book is chugging along. Monday it was a reunion with Rob Tod, owner of Allagash Brewing Company in Portland. Last time Rob and I met about fifteen years ago, (or longer!) he had a ponytail halfway down his back and […]

Brooklin Redux: eat, drink and be merry

As promised in my last post, which lauded the virtues of breweries on the Blue Hill peninsula, I’ll take you to Brooklin itself, the tiny town of under 900 occupants with the charm of a quintessential (I love that word because I can spell it) New England village. First stop is Sandy’s Provisions, located in […]

What’s brewing in Brooklin: love that tiny town

If you’ve ever bawled your head off over the ending of the children’s book Charlotte’s Web, you’ve visited Brooklin, Maine. How, you say? Well, while you read the book aloud to hour kids, told them about Wilbur the pig, Templeton the rat and Charlotte the spider, chortled “Congratu- contratu- congratu-lations,” the mantra of the barnyard […]