Dress to the nines, in beer?

Designers Gary Cass and Donna Franklin created this stunner out of beer

In the “you can’t make this stuff up” category of life, and beer, are some news items I came across today that I thought would be a fun Friday blog post. When you next have to dress up for an event, ladies, think wearable beer. No, this is not like a duct tape prom dress, […]

Aloft with Allagash: James Beard would be proud

He's earned every kudo! Good luck to Rob on the James Beard nomination.

The tough thing about getting older is remembering events that took place a long time ago, which points up how old I’m getting.  And in that vein, and in the interest of not making this all about me (which I could very quickly), is remembering my first trip out to the edge of the world […]

Imbibe local brews at LIT: Readings & Libations

Will this Maine winter ever end? I’ve given up asking and have surrendered to the ever-present and ever-growing banks of white that surround and envelope our yard, stream from an upstairs balcony outside our bedroom and provides a white “lawn” on our deck where birds too big for the feeder land and peck at the […]

Bombogenesis? You can’t make this stuff up!

Beef cooked with Murphy's Stout, a fine Irish meal

Why write fiction, when I can turn on Al Roker, or the Weather Channel or even our local lovable weather people (my faves are Kevin Mannix and Joe Cupo) and learn that the storm that might prevent my having my morning cup o’ joe has a fancy new name? I’m holed up in Waterville, which […]

Drink your Medusa, or be turned to stone.


When I was a kid I was a complete library geek, way before “geek” came into my lexicon. I remember sitting in the various Air Force base libraries, one in Tachikawa, Japan, the other at Westover Air Force Base, and spending entire Saturday afternoons reading.I got into a phase, probably age 11, when I read […]